How to Claim Insurance when Water Damage Occurs

According to the ISO, water damage claims are the second largest and most frequently damage claims every year. In fact, the percentage of claims due to water damage increases every year compared to the damages caused by other things like wind and hail damage. Complications happen when the insurance company denies some claims due to certain reasons. That is why, if you are a water damage insurance holder, it is important to learn when and how to make a claim, and what are the things covered in the insurance you are into. 

How to claim Insurance for water damage:

  • Tell your company as soon as possible
    Since most companies have a certain deadline for filing for insurance claims, make sure that you immediately report the damage to the insurance company so that they can make some necessary arrangements for your claims.



  • Make a list of your damaged property
    Make sure to document everything, take pictures or videos to the damage caused by the water. Such a way will help you and the insurance agent to easily determine the cause and effect of the water damage.


  • Protect your things
    Insurance Company might deny your claims if they will see that some repairs were already made before they inspect your home, therefore, make temporary repairs only. Just make sure that your things will not get wet because of the water damage.


  • Keep receipts
    Some insurance companies will allow repair before the site is inspected, so, if this is the case, be sure to keep all the receipts so you can get reimbursements from all you spent for the repair.


  • Be present at all times
    In case your home is damaged, have your contractor come with you so he or she can talk to the adjuster about the damage. This will also help you get the maximum amount because of the water damage.


  • Get a certification if the damage is caused by appliance leak
    The inspector will definitely give you the certificate about the water damage to your property, so make sure to get that certificate because the insurance company will need it for your claims. Otherwise, your claims will be denied unless you can show some other proof of the damage aside from the certificate from the inspector.

Insurance for water damages covered the following:


  • Rain or Snow
    Rain, snow and ice dams form on the roof are usually considered windstorms and weight of snow.


  • Plumbing
    This is only covered when the water damage is caused by a sudden burst or blockages in the plumbing system.


  • Fire Extinguisher
    You can make this claim if there’s a fire in the home and the fire sprinklers are activated or the firefighters are forced to extinguish the flames, the result will be covered by the insurance.


  • Vandalism
    If someone enters your home and intentionally destroys your plumbing or leaves the water running, this will be considered as malicious activity and is covered by insurance.
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