Why Work With Us?

Urgent Responsiveness

At Water Damage America, we understand the importance of urgency when responding to a customer’s inquiry. Whether it’s regarding an emergency water damage restoration situation or a less severe one, our team is trained to handle each problem accordingly. It is important to have a clear plan of action within 24 hours to diminish the risk of structural and drywall damage. We will schedule an appointment immediately, arrive at your home, and prepare a plan custom tailored to your damage restoration project. If your home has sustained water damage, we can begin the drying process within the same day of your appointment.

Professional In House Management

The reason our experts stand apart from the competition is that we don’t outsource the job to unqualified workers. Our employees are professionally trained to be in and out of your home as quickly as possible. Also, for each property damage restoration service, a project manager will be on site to supervise our workers, ensure productivity, and answer your questions about water damage restoration in a timely manner. When it comes to property damage restoration, we enforce specific guidelines for our team to ensure a safe and efficient restoration project.

Experienced & Professional

When you contact someone for emergency flood repair or water damage restoration, you simply can’t afford for them to hesitate in the middle of the job. The workers should be experienced and confident in their ability to make decisions based on the task at hand. Our team is well versed in water damage restoration in the Virginia and Washington D.C. areas, has great judgment in emergency situations, and provides on-site assistance to immediate problems. We are a solution-oriented company and it shows from the countless testimonials we have received from our local clients. At Water Damage America, we go out of our way to help all of our customers, because we believe all of our customers should be treated like family.

Stress-Free Payment Through Insurance

Simply put, as a policyholder, you don’t deserve any hassle; no problems, no exceptions. We expedite the process of having you go through your insurance provider and will do the heavy lifting for you. At Water Damage America, we handle the stress inducing and time-consuming ordeals, a great example being anything involving your insurance. When it comes to your water damage restoration needs, we will make sure you get everything you’re entitled to in your insurance policy by sending them a survey. This is always our top priority.

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