Repairing And Remodeling The House After a Fire, Water, or Storm Damage

There are several ways your home can be damaged. It can be due to fire, flooding from a storm, broken pipe, etc. No matter the cause, you have no choice but to get your house back in shape through repair and remodeling. The entire process can be long, expensive and exhausting as well as stressful. The key here is to call a company that offers repair and remodeling services. You can’t possibly DIY a home repair as there is so much that goes into reconstructing a home.

Here are a few things you can do in preparation for the start of repairing.

Repairing Home After a Flood and Storm

Remove the remaining water with squeegees. Remove wet furniture and make sure they dry up completely. You can also consider using fans to assist in drying up the place faster. The key here is to get the moisture out as quickly as possible so it would be a great idea to open up the windows. Then, check your home structure for any visible damage such as cracks and holes. 

Repairing Home After a Fire

The first 24 hours after a fire is the most critical. There are so many important things that you need to do.  Keep in mind that you cannot enter your property until the fire marshal declares it safe to do so. You need to have everything documented to claim financial compensation to your insurance provider. You will have to wait for the evaluator to check out your property and assess the overall damage. When cleaning up, make sure to remove all the home items that are no longer useful. Then bring out all the items that can still be of use and have them all dried up to prevent mold and mildews from growing. 

You need to review what your insurance policy will cover in terms of the repair and the remodeling cost. Home repairs and renovations after a disaster can be really costly. It is always a great idea to know if you need to pay for a certain repair or your insurance will take care of everything.

It’s stressful to deal with a life-changing event such as a house fire or flood. Have a professional home restoration, repair, and reconstruction company take on that stress and burden for you. Call Water Damage America for 24/7 emergency services. With several locations throughout Northern Virginia, our professional team is ready to assist in getting you back on your feet.

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