Roof Leak Repair: Tried-And-Tested Tips To Prevent Leaks In Your Commercial Building

The most culprits of roof leaks in commercial buildings are damaged roofing systems and roof vents which typically happen when a strong storm hits your area. Apart from damaging the interior of your establishment, it can affect the air quality in the area and may affect the health of the people inside it. 

Being a responsible business owner, you should be able to learn how to prevent roof leaks in case harsh weather rolls through. Water Damage America prepared these tried and tested roof leak repair tips to protect your commercial building:

  • Protect your interior

The first thing that you need to do when there is a roof leak in your commercial building is to protect the heart of your business — everything that is inside the building. Reduce the damage as much as possible by clearing the area from people and items. Place the equipment and supplies in a higher location and cover them with plastic to prevent them from getting wet. Then remove the water right away by calling a professional cleaning and restoration service. 

  • Check other areas

The difficult part of roof leaks is that not all affected areas are visible to the eye. Remember, water can still penetrate the building even on smaller leaks and can still cause extensive damage on your commercial space. Make sure to check the other areas in your building and mark each leak that you can find to make it easier for you to show it to your repair contractors and insurance agent. 

  • Inform your insurance agent

One important thing that you should do when your commercial building has experienced damage due to roof leak is to inform your insurance agent. When you own a commercial building, you should have an insurance policy that covers any interior damage and the cost of roof repair. 

  • Review your roofing warranty

You should have a warranty after installing your roofing system. Go over your roofing warranty and see if it is still covered by the manufacturer. The most common type of roofing warranty is the shingle warranty with coverage that lasts from 20 up to 50 years. If your roof leak is caused by a defective shingle, then you will be compensated for the damage you experienced.

  • Get help from the expert

After you have identified the sources of leakage and contacted your insurance agent, the next thing that you should do is to contact professional contractors to perform the roof repair project. Have a licensed contractor to assess the area to be able to determine the severity of the damage. 

You can also get help from a licensed water damage restoration company as they have more knowledge on how to prevent water damage caused by your leaking roof. They also have technologies that can easily detect moisture in your area.

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