Commercial Water Damage Restoration

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One of the last things businesses want to deal with is commercial water damage repair.

Here are a few pointers you can take ahead of time to prevent water damage:

  • Continuously be current when it comes to approaching tragedies – It is always a good idea to know what might come. When the weather stations state that a storm is heading our way, it is wise to know how much wind or rain might come with the storm. Knowing as much as possible about weather disasters will assist you with preparing for any water damage that might happen. 
  • Many businesses have sandbags available, so they can place them about the outside of the business structure to prevent water from getting into the building.
  • Companies also board up windows and doors if high winds and rain are expected. This step can eliminate broken window damage and commercial water damage as well.
  • Locate all the shut-off valves are for all water sources ahead of time and show employees where they are (if you have employees) – If some areas of the business structure are not insulated well enough, pipes can freeze and crack or bust, which allows water to leak into the business and cause damage as well. Shutting off the valves when you are aware of a tentative issue will help save your company and save you money and heartache.
  • Inventory and vital paperwork can get damaged too – You might want to keep inventory or other items on shelves and in a secure area; where water cannot reach them if there is a flood. Important paperwork or similar items should be safeguarded too – waterproof containers work great!
  • Make sure you do regular inspections in your business – Water damage does not only happen from busted water pipes or floods (from storms and heavy rain and wind) – roofs can leak, hot water heaters can leak, air conditioners can leak, and sprinkler systems (when they are triggered) can cause commercial water damage for businesses.


For more information or for assistance with commercial water damage restoration – for businesses, contact Water Damage America today!

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