Fire Safety Prevention Tips

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Experiencing a house fire is often devastating and overwhelming, especially if your home and personal belongings have sustained serious damage or destruction. Once a fire is put out, eliminating water damage from the area is imperative to prevent further damage, mold, and unsustainable housing. Understanding the most important fire safety prevention tips is a way to minimize the risk of fire in your home while keeping your family safe at all times.


Create an Escape Plan for Your Family

Developing a fire escape plan for you and your family is essential to prevent putting your loved ones at risk during a fire. Consider the entryways and doors that allow access to your property along with the layout of your home and locations of each individual bedroom.

If you have family members who sleep above the first floor, invest in fire safety ladders that are installed and ready for use once a fire begins. Set up test fire drills in your home if you have young children to better prepare them for an emergency, especially if they sleep elsewhere in the home throughout the night.


Check Smoke Detectors Monthly

Check all of the smoke detectors in your home monthly to verify that the current batteries are working properly. While smoke detectors are often reliable, not checking them for an extended period of time can lead to faulty hardware that is unable to detect smoke or fire.


Inspect Your Home’s Outlets

Have a professional electrician or home inspector check all of the outlets throughout your home for improper or faulty wiring. Outlet fires can happen unexpectedly and without warning, if you are unsure of where faulty wiring is inside of your home.


Unplug Electronics After Use

Avoid plugging an excessive number of electronics into one surge protector, especially if you do not use the electronics frequently. Unplug electronics and kitchen appliances that you are not currently using, especially when leaving home for the day or while on vacation.


Exercise Caution When in the Kitchen

Remain self-aware at all times while cooking in the kitchen or using your stove, oven, and other cooking appliances. Avoid leaving your oven unattended, especially while cooking or baking. Invest in a small kitchen fire extinguisher for potential grease or oven fires that occur unexpectedly.

Implementing the most common fire safety prevention tips in your home each day greatly minimizes the risk of uncontrollable fires from occurring. With the right preparation and a thorough understanding of fire hazards and risks in your home, prevent fires from wreaking havoc on your home and in your life.


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