Water Extraction: Why It’s Important

Water Extraction

When your home is flooded with water, it is critical that you remove it right away. There are times that you can identify where it is coming from but there are also incidents wherein you don’t have an idea how it happened and where it’s coming from. Obviously, you need a professional to do the heavy work for you. With this post, we aim to help you understand what the process is all about, and why it is important. 

Common Reasons for Indoor Flooding 

There are various reasons why the inside of your home is flooded. There could be leaking pipes, heavy rains, drainage issues, and damaged grounds. No matter how expensive your property is, flooding is always a possible issue. 

Overview of Water Extraction 

When we say water extraction, this is the process wherein excess water will be removed from the flooring of your property. This is not a feat for amateurs, and that is why you need to call professionals. They have the expertise and even the right tools. Apart from that, they strategize first on how to resolve the problem in your home. 


With excess water, molds could grow. It’s not just about ruining the aesthetics of your house, but it’s unhealthy too for the entire family. When water is extracted, you can stop the damages and, at the same time, restore your home to its pristine condition. 

Water Extraction Process 

While we highly encourage you to leave the task to the professionals, it’s also a good idea to know the process of water extraction. 

Usually, the experts do the following: 

  • Stopping the source of excessive water
  • Draining of water  
  • Remove the non-visible water 
  • Drying of grounds
  • Dehumidifying the house or specific areas 

First, they will need to find and locate the source of excess water. From here, the experts will identify the safety hazards. They need to check the electricity and your sockets. In most cases, they will use thermal imaging and even moisture meters. This will allow them to have an overview of the entire damage.

The extraction will take place, and the drying will come next. Disinfection and sanitation are also necessary to remove foul odors. And lastly, your home will be dehumidified to remove other moisture. 

There is different equipment to use for water extraction. This depends on what needs to be done in your home. For example, they have pumps to remove the water out. They also have drying systems to ensure that the walls and cavities of the building are thoroughly dry. Plus, they have a vacuum to extract water from the carpet. 

Water Extraction vs. Water Mitigation 

Many people are often confused about the differences between water extraction and water mitigation. To clarify, water mitigation comes after water extraction. 

This is the process wherein the experts remove materials and parts of the building that are unsalvageable. Think about your furniture, flooring, and even the drywall. They will clean the entire area and, at the same time, sanitize it. 


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