Fire Damage Restoration

Fire can cause unavoidable and excessive damage which is sometimes hard to restore. Fires are really hard to control once they are exceeded to a higher level. Most of the terrible fires in Washington DC starts off as minor kitchen fires. These fires can be due to a gas leakage or sparking or a stove blast. Unmaintained stoves and unattended wires and pipes can lead to a disastrous ending. You are in an emergency situation and need a fire damage restoration in Washington DC. They will give a proper treatment for your house to bring it back to life.

Cleaning After the Fire

Immediate action can be beneficial for restoring the damage and saving any more damage to happen. As soon as the restoration team arrives they start the cleanup mission and clean up all the mess and trash after the fire. The burned and porous wooden planks, clothes, papers, and other plastic and metallic materials are cleared from the areas to be restored for easy damage assessment.

Water Damage Restoration

It is obvious that wherever there is a fire damage, there is a water damage. You don’t have to hire two separate companies for these projects. Fire damage restoration companies can handle both the situations easily. They will extract all the water and dry your house to prevent any mold growth be.

Dealing with the Soot and Smoke Damage

The fire leaves a very strange odor in the air of the house. The burning smell of the fuel and the smoke clouds make it hard to breathe. The unburned fuel takes the shape of black soot and sticks to your walls. It becomes necessary to remove it because it can give birth to mold growth on your walls. The restoration team uses air blowers and purifiers to clean the air from the smell and smoke clouds.

Renovation and Restoration

Your house is renovated properly after the cleanup. All the food and clothes that were in contact with the fire are wasted and savable things like furniture, carpets, and undamaged clothes are cleaned and restored.

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Water Damage Restoration
Our specialized service & years of experience could save your property from any irreversible damage which maybe inflicted & amongst them structural damage is the most common.
Fire Damage Restoration
We have many years of experience in restoring residential and commercial properties that have been affected by fire & smoke damage. We can bring your property back to life quickly.
Storm Damage Restoration
We can restore your house within minimal time and budget no matter the magnitude of the storm and the destruction because we know how to do the job right every time.
Mold Remediation
To keep you & your family safe, you can depend on us for mold remediation services. We are here to professionally treat the infected area & remove the source as quickly as possible.
Commercial Services
Water damage caused by flooding, bursting pipes, storms, or leaks can cause a disturbance to your business. More time spent on cleaning is money lost in revenue for your business.
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