Water Damage Restoration in Fairfax VA

There is not only a single type of water damage that can ruin the look of your house. Water damage can be due to so many reasons that one might possibly imagine. Natural disasters such as rain and flood are known by everyone for damaging the property. Your house can face water damage because of a continuous water leakage, broken pipe, or due to a fire damage. Water damage in Fairfax VA can leave you in a helpless situation.

Water damage due to rain

Rain is the most unpredictable thing in the country. No one knows when a sunny day will become a day for heavy rainfall. Rain can continue for hours and days in the country and if your roof is damaged or leaking, you will be sitting in a water-flooded house. Water damage due to heavy rainfall can be restored with water damage restoration companies and they will not only restore your damage but will also repair the damage.

Water damage by a broken pipe

Most of the time it happens that you have no idea about the condition of your water pipeline. Either there is a leakage or crack in the pipes which you are unaware of. The damage keeps on increasing with the passage of time and results in a burst of the water line. The sudden flow comes with so much pressure that you fail to get ready for it. Water damage restoration in Fairfax VA can help you in restoring your damage and fixing the issues with the pipeline.

Water damage after fire damage

Mostly, the water damage in Fairfax VA happens after a fire damage. Such sort of a water damage is more messy and dangerous as it is a double damage. Your house looks flooded burned and you don’t know whether to call fire damage or water damage restoration. Water damage restoration companies deal in both kinds of damage restoration.

The Dos & Don'ts of a Water Damage Emergency

  • Remaining in a house with water damage compromises your safety.
  • Stay aware from anything electrical, including outlets.
  • Be aware of where you’re walking to avoid potential injury.
  • Be cautious of heavy wet material.
  • Wet cushions or upholstery should be raised to dry.
  • For furniture on wet carpet, place aluminum foil or anything that can keep the furniture off of the wet floor.
  • To avoid damage of furniture, wipe off excess water where laps or loose items have been removed.
  • Remove items from the floor as well as rugs from wet carpets.
  • To maximize the drying time, especially during the summer, turn on AC.
  • Don’t use a regular home vacuum to remove water. You can ruin the vacuum and it’s not effective.
  • Don’t leave files, paperwork, or anything close to the ground where water can do damage.
  • As an electrical hazard, don’t use TV’s or other household appliances.
  • Don’t leave fabrics, cushions, coats laying around. They will get mold.
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Kelly S.

Wow, what amazing customer service!! A lot of water that flooded the garage below us. This company came out to assess and thoroughly inspected our floor, walls, ceilings, etc. Luckily, they did a great job for restoration services. But what amazing customer service, perfectly on time and extremely thorough. Highly recommended!!!

Elliot M.

These guys are quick, professional, and most of all responsive. They handled my water damage very well. Water Damage America is an honest and a very professional company. Thank you for your amazing service.

Eva T.

Great service! No more water in our house. These guys treated it all at once. Would recommend them for sure. Responsive, productive, reasonable prices, they know how to do the job.

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