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Water Damage Restoration in Vienna VA

When you are dealing with a water damage in your house, you want a restoration service as soon as possible for water restoration in Vienna VA. Water restoration is a proper step by step process in which water is first removed, dried and then dehumidified. When people search for water restoration companies on which they can rely on, they expect that they provide additional services for the restoration as well. Good water damage restoration companies offer these following additional services as well.

Carpet cleaning

During a water damage, your carpets usually become the most common victim. When you book a restoration service, they first try to figure out whether the carpet is in a condition to be used again or not. If the fibers are fine and the pad is not damaged, they remove your carpet and clean it properly. Your carpet is also dried and sanitized afterward to save it from bacteria and other germs.

Mold growth prevention

If the water has kept standing in your house for longer than a day, there is a possibility of mold growth. After removal of water, the restoration service will search for any clue for mold growth. If they find it growing, they will take proper measures to remove it and use special microbial solutions to prevent it from growing again.

Drywall repair

Drywalls are comparatively stronger than normal walls but it can sustain any damage to a limit. Excessive water damage can crack and dampen the drywalls which need to be repaired urgently. Water restoration in Vienna VA also includes drywall repair services.

Floor and tiles

It often happens that due to a lot of water, the adhesive of your wooden floors leave the floor and the floor starts to turn in to a soft material. It can also break or leave its place. Same is the case with tiles. They get cracked due to the pressure with which the water damaged your house. Floor and tile damage is only restored by replacing them with new ones.

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Kelly S.

Wow, what amazing customer service!! A lot of water that flooded the garage below us. This company came out to assess and thoroughly inspected our floor, walls, ceilings, etc. Luckily, they did a great job for restoration services. But what amazing customer service, perfectly on time and extremely thorough. Highly recommended!!!

Elliot M.

These guys are quick, professional, and most of all responsive. They handled my water damage very well. Water Damage America is an honest and a very professional company. Thank you for your amazing service.

Eva T.

Great service! No more water in our house. These guys treated it all at once. Would recommend them for sure. Responsive, productive, reasonable prices, they know how to do the job.

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