Water Removal Alexandria VA

Water removal in Alexandria VA becomes an issue after a rain, flood, or burst in the water pipe. Homeowners often don’t know what to do in such alarming situations. For this, water removal services are the ones who help you during such disasters. Water removal is the first thing to consider before any other restoration step because if the removal process is delayed, it can become dangerous for your health as well as your floors and walls. Water removal companies give removal services followed by proper cleanup and sanitization of your house.

Securing your possessions

After a water damage, the furniture of your house becomes drowned in the water. The first thing these companies do is to save your possessions from any further loss. If your furniture stays for too long within the water, it can rust or rot. Trained professional restorers evacuate your house from all the furniture for using their water extractors.

Extraction of water

Once your valuable furniture is stored aside safely, the restoration company will bring their water truck and extraction machines for water removal in Alexandria VA. These machines will suck the water from your house.

Monitored drying

Drying is not a short process. It takes 2 to 3 days for your house to dry. Your water restoration company will install blowers, dryers, and dehumidifiers in different areas of your house. They will come to check regularly whether the house is drying properly. They inspect completely to make sure that the area is dried before they shift the machines to the next room.

Carpet cleaning and home sanitization

Your floors and carpets are the ones that get most damaged in a water disaster. Your water removal service will repair your floors and clean your carpets. Your carpets will be fully washed, dried and sanitized. The house will also get purified through proper ail filters.

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